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Firebird Athletics

Pacific Ridge School


Firebird Athletics

Pacific Ridge School

Firebird Athletics

Pacific Ridge School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 2:08PM

Pacific Ridge Surf Wins over Rancho Bueno Vista

The Firebirds surf team arrived in the dark this morning at Army/Navy in Carlsbad and were greeted with a reinforcing new WNW swell and frigid offshore winds.  Our entire team braved the tough paddle out as we competed against the highly competitive Rancho Bueno Vista team.  Our commitment against the elements and strong team comradery saw us easily defeat RBV 54-33!   Special mention goes to Harrison Borts for his paddling effort in heat 1 and to the long boarders who paddled all day without the aide of a channel. Special thanks also  to Mr. Peeden for spending so much time on the beach supporting today.   Individual results were as follows:


Luc Clark – Finals bodyboard

Sydney Benedict – Finals shortboard and semi-finals longboard

Alex Schaerer – Semifinals shortboard

Owen Leveque - Semifinals shortboard

James McLoughlin – Semifinals longboard

Nate McClymonds – Semifinals longboard

Keenan Walsh – 2nd round shortboard

Team News

9 months ago @ 4:01PM by Pacific Ridge Athletics

Firebird Surfing Wins First Contest!

The Firebirds surf team competed today in our first contest of the year at Ocean Beach. We surfed against Francis Parker High School in mostly clean 3-4 foot surf. The Firebird team was victorious by 41-21 points in the team event! Our team was marvelously supportive of surfers in every heat. The following surfers went on to excel in the individual part of the competition:

Luc Clark - 3rd place bodyboard

Sydney Benedict – 6th place women’s longboard

Nate McClymonds- semi-finals men's shortboard

Owen Leveque- semi-finals men’s shortboard

Olin Silverman- semi-finals men’s shortboard

Jack Benjamin – semi-finals men’s longboard

James McLoughlin – semi-finals mens longboard

Alex Shearer- ¼ finals men's shortboard

Keenan Walsh – ¼ finals men’s shortboard

Ryan Greenlee- ¼ finals men’s shortboard

Team News

10 months ago @ 1:52PM

2018-2019 Pacific Ridge Surf Team

The PRS surf team will be competing under the Scholastic Surf Series which is affiliated with the Western Surfing Association.  News,  information, and contest results can be found at their often updated website:  We are surfing in Division 5 this year and look forward to a great season.
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